Your beautiful new villa is only the beginning. As an extension of your new home, our residents share beautiful community facilities – from the Clubhouse, to the pool, to the vegetable garden – there's enough space to entertain and enjoy yourself.
Always something to do

Step outside the front door and you experience resort style living. Take a stroll and you'll very likely bump into someone to chat to, or a welcoming social group, event, or activity to join and enjoy.

There is always something happening – from big events such as Grandparents Day, Christmas in July and Melbourne Cup luncheons, to smaller gatherings for shopping, gardening, billiards and day trips.

Set your own page

While there is always plenty to do, it's your choice as to how much, or how little, you choose to do. It's there if you want it.

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Run by residents for residents.

Our village communities are all very democratic. Every village is run by a Committee of Management – seven of the ten members of this committee are elected by you and the other residents to represent what you want and what you need. Everything from fees and levies to village services, maintenance, and ideas for improvements can all be discussed and voted on in Committee of Management meetings. This doesn't mean more work for residents – the Committee employs a professional Village Manager to implement their instructions, while you enjoy your retirement.

Cranbourne Retirement Village

Staying active. Living happier.

One of the most important points of difference between an RCA retirement village in Melbourne and others, is our Active Health program. We want our residents to enjoy living in our villages and we do everything we can to make sure everyone enjoys good health. Research has shown that socially engaged and physically active people lead healthier and happier lives.

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